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They Do Not Require STR Up

13.Nov.20, 09:15; Icon 48; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

It seems good and all, but moreover ultimates what's the point of going for the highest gear score possible? Like there's really nothing like a raid or high end content yet anyway. Huh. That tub scene is super tame and tbh just rather cute. And they're covered up.

In Hitsugi's case, I would not call it gratuitous. It is a really typical anime trope to have introspection reveal the character with no clothes. I'm a bit pissed off about the product descriptions over anything else . This was just straight up laziness. Not to mention a few of these are flat out wrong. Like the stealth camo saying it is a sword camo when it actually works on all weapon types except takt. It seems the majority of the censorship comes from the fact the characters are underage here in the West and the localizers wish to prevent issues with depicting sexualized minors. As long as the censorship solely resolves around preventing sexual depictions of minors I'm fine. Of course this contributes to a slippery slope but with the quantity of things already in the game that could be censored but hasn't been, I believe we're fine.

Translating Japanese to English will always lose something in translation due to the structure of the languages. If you want to play how it was truly intended --learn the original language and read/watch/play it. I hope there will a simple mod patch to revive some of those altered cutscene content for NA/Global. Mainly more because I'm of the opinion the game should be gotten as it was made, not simply because somebody got confused with some thing (like blood being censored in some games, or deleting an entire mission simply because it is too controversial).

Check out www.pso2ah.com for more details.

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