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Why did not EA add its editing of team colors, logos, uniforms and arena functions to Madden?

16.Nov.20, 12:07; Icon 45; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

They provide us the same exact match every year. The only thing they change is call it a new addition and add something they had eliminated from years or eliminate something. It had nothing outside of a quarter football sim that is practical 4. From there on they have gradually added fundamental attributes back to the match and still haven't made it all the way.

In every other sport game it is possible to edit team colors, logos, uniforms and stadiums. Why has added these attributes to madden? They did but then took it out to introduce as attribute later. This is on the bottom of things. I think if you play a game and you're the owner of a franchise that I think you definitely should have the ability to change the colors of your uniform or rebrand your group; having the ability to perform that adds an excess level of immersion to the game.

I am in the camp that goes together: The NFL does not want anyone tampering with their property, so that they advised EA to not permit this. Thats not true. It was confirmed by rex Dickson himself. The only restriction the NFL had was that they didnt want their trademarks being used in custom uniforms. An example would be putting a Raiders logo on a pink helmet. Also, not having the ability to personalize an real NFL teams uniform. The NFL accepted of the generic logos being used however. Additionally, we can technically proceed the GB Packers to Chicago and rename them the Cougars, so that I dont think that the NFL would let that but maybe not custom teams.

Wouldn't this because those are a part of those uniforms, include being unable to alter team colours? I can understand having the ability to create groups, and I'd love to have this back also. But this strikes me as the NFL saying"Do not mess with our land as it currently is". I just assumed he was referring to make a team. Upon re-reading it could mean giving the Packers a custom uniform and using them be called the Packers/use that the Packers logo which would not be okay. I'm talking a about a full blown customization just like how NBA 2k is. By way of instance if for a few I reason wanted the packers to have an all black uniform I may be able to generate a new uniform and play as them below the packers title.

I'd be delighted to be able to pick from some of the preloaded teams and uniforms. If I want to be the Memphis Snowhawks using Toronto Huskies pajamas, I d be fine with being in a position to choose that. But would not it be 100x better if you could create your own team name, uniforms, and stadium. Or even change the colour of your favourite teams uniform or possess colored turf just how some college teams do. Yeah, that would be a whole lot better but I'm unsure what EA would perform.
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