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Personally, I think it's far better than before iterations

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There are challenges you can do and finishing a set has you a participant. There is about 5 screens for to the challenge you want and that comes with a loading screen along with a profile rescue. A challenge may be run for 5 yards on a first down. You start the play, run 2 yards, it puts a large"Challenge Complete" message also takes you back out of the match and gives you a display telling you you've failed and you should try again. It's such a chore to actually play the sport. This is made all the worse because after trudging through the menus that are mad the game will crash 50% of the time when attempting to begin an actual match. Prepare for lagy servers, no win awarded if opponent quits, lively difficulty BS, poorly priced SBCs, lack of creativity in particular players (looking at you French players). No significant upgrades to Career Mode or Pro clubs. Volta being dull.

I'm not playing MUT and I'm having fun with the franchise mode, but I skipped past year so idk if it's the exact same or not. It had been known before the game was published there could be nothing new based on the trailers, fifa looks 10x more promising. The matter with Fifa is I like the grind, especially from a trading perspective. Even if gameplay is just as bad as Fifa 20 I will still get my £60's worth based on how much I really enjoy the early cycle. It's a shame because if gameplay was better then I'd play a good deal more games and wouldn't lose interest after TOTY. In the old school fifa's I'd play 1-2K games annually. Fifa 20 I only played 400 but I am okay with it because I've found enjoyment with other facets of the game.

The main reason why the madden community is up in arms over this years version is a significant portion of the player base only plays Franchise Mode and the Madden developers have done little to nothing to make changes within the past few decades. They were fed up prior to the match even fell. It has little to do with gameplay and more to do with the lack of updates. Even the FIFA community clamored for modifications to FUT and over the past couple of years EA has made adjustments. Gameplay wise it's still a shitshow however, the updates to content have been created. The FUT reddit community is a lot bigger in comparison to the magnitude of the MUT community. FIFA is catering to most that has wanted to see FUT developments while Madden keeps investing in MUT when their neighborhood is more interested in Franchise.

Personally, I think it's far better than before iterations, all of the entitled drooling children who can not play without fully automated defence and nanoblitzes are simply having temper tantrums and screeching autisticly. Last year some baboon could acquire against you if they spent enoough money and spent 5min watching one youtube video, this season nope, not likely to occur.

You can read more product information on www.mmoexp.com

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