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I havent played with runescape in a while

18.Nov.20, 07:04; Icon 7; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Okay first off this is actually the first time on the forums. I havent played with runescape in a while, but im beginning to agian. Right now im lvl 26 range, 40 lifetime, and im with bronze arrows using willow extended bow. Its taking FOREVER! Only spent and hour getting from 20-26. Where can I find chaos runes the speediest. I got 40 att, 38 str, 30 def, complete addy, rune skimmy (although Ill have a rune long and 2hder in a tiny bit) and 39 magic. However, I dont want to buy chaos they're just way to much. Idc if I must kill lvl 7 monsters to get them I just want to learn the fastest approach.

Same query as above only no im requesting mith/addy arrows. Agian they cost to much. Last question. Just how long do you think It will take to get minning into lvl 60 out of lvl 50. I've rune pick, and I intend to bank all my ores. Which ore should I mine iron or coal. And where. Sorry for the four questions. And thx for any informtaion you are able to get me. And id like to inform anyone that needs money and has 30+smithing which if you purchase the coal and iron ore, smelt to bars, then sell you'll make near 200gp profit per pub. Members can take the bars and make cannon balls out of these to make 300gp per bar.

Alright, through cutting yews that has been slow and long, I have managed to get 500k. I've just spent 100k on some teak logs, since I have an idea. I thought I would post it here to get confirmation on it however, or in case anybody else has any better idea's on a very simple but effective means to make money with approximately 300k-500k to start off with. I'll turn all 1k of teak logs into planks (I know I'll run out of money before I purchase all 1k into boards ) And then I sell them.

So theoretically I'm buying the logs and making them into planks, at a price of 590gp per plank. (Including the price of the logs) About the G.E. teak planks sell for 700gp to 800gp. I thought, hmmm, this might be a way to convert 500k into 700k-800k. True, doesn't sound like a lot. But cutting all of those yews for so long, I'm unsure of that is quicker unless I timed it, in which case my opinion is not in working order right now. So, to all you wealthy folks out there using 30m+, is that a good approach to merchant with 500k? Should I maintain cutting yews? Or is there something else that I can do?

I was wondering whether it was possible to barrow with my stats with the following installment. I'm going to get 55 slayer if this can work. Hi once more. And once more, question. I have noticed folks praise scimitars. So, I have bought one and has been left with some unanswerable questions. All these bonuses counted with full rune, cape, standard boots and explorer ring lvl3. It is obvious, scimitar does not give any substantial bonus. In fact. Longsword is much better. The question is: is there any reason to choose scimitar rather than longsword?

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