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They're partnered with ManUexactly the same goes for 3 of their greatest clubs

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They're partnered with ManUexactly the same goes for 3 of their greatest clubs: Barca, Bayern and Juve. I expect them to push more licenses, they will have a full year before PES 22 comes out to perform it. I never believed PES was carrying over at the years earlier as they maintained using the identical engine but now with unreal motor and EA being even more and more disappointing each year there is a really good possibility it occurs. In addition, the fact im post here doesn't establish anything, I havent played this game for months until a few days ago and from what I see here it seems like 50 percent doesnt even play fifa tbh. PES has its own share of issues also, especially this season, but this is the one complaint I see from FIFA players that makes no sense. Say you dont need PES because of gameplay issues, since it doesnt have League 1 and 2, since it doesnt have as many teams, whatever, all untrue reasons - but that the licencing this is a poor excuse. There are patches for PC and PS4 that take literally 10 minutes to set up, and you have every team title, and kits which often look better than the licenced ones.

Everyone points out the missing licensing yet almost everyone is playing their own custom made club in FUT where licensing does not matter. I get that problem for CM gamers but nevertheless you can download some community data packs and call it a day. Maybe now they are giving the real inspection score. It's gonna be the same old song and dance like it now was for five years. The initial release will feel good then by Christmas the match becomes patched into sweaty nonsense. Bro FIFA hasn't addressed the exact same formation glitches in like two installments of this game, and we JUST got a card organization method worth anything. Been playing FIFA because my Sega Genesis. This is my first time I am opting out.

The studio devs over FIFA are by far the most qualified throughout the business. There's never anything wrong with the game & they know they're the cash cow. I have never played MUT but I got the game through Origin Access decided to give it a try. Opening the free packs I got was this kind of chore which I gave up. To start a pack you need to open a pack that contains the package, that's your package within another package and nothing else using it. You have to open two packs to open a bunch, it's insane. The RB/LB to move involving challenges, play a match, store etc disappear at the time you're allowed to use them and appear when you can't. Menus have loading screens and for some reason occasionally when you transfer between them they conserve your own profile, no shit.

There are challenges you can do and completing a set gets you a player. There's about 5 screens for to the question you need and that comes with a loading screen along with a profile rescue. A challenge could be conducted for 5 yards onto a first down. You start the play, run two yards, it sets up a large"Challenge Complete" message and takes you back from the game and gives you a display telling you you've failed and you should try again. It is such a chore to actually play the game. This is made all the worse because after trudging through the menus that are mad that the game will crash 50 percent of the time when trying to begin a genuine match. FIFA gameplay might be shit but the menus are pain free. Prepare to get lagy servers, no triumph awarded if opponent stops, lively difficulty BS, badly priced SBCs, lack of originality in special players (considering you French players). Awful pack weight, no Icon SBCs. No Substantial updates to Career Mode or Professional clubs. Volta being boring.

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