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I Never Knew It Really Was Adequate At All

26.Nov.20, 05:40; Icon 23; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Magic (I really like training it). Mining ( I really want to get 70, and possibly 85 someday). Smithing (Really hard, but may be an superb source of cash). Combat stats (assault, strength and protection, for my general battle ). Runecrafting (I understand its high enough for a F2P account, but it makes playing G.O.P. easier, and is good for cash). Fishing (For using swordie gloves eventually). Ranging (I have nothing against ranging, it's just that it does not appeal to me as much). If anybody has methods they would be ready to share with a fellow participant, I'd be quite grateful.

Hi once again. I need serious advice about Dragon slayer quest. My main acc in the game is Vilnietiz2. I am missing 5 quest points, but can do so together with the Ernest the Chicken. Currently I'm f2p person. The issue is, I'm gonna to perform Dragon Slayer. My problem is my weakness. I am able to train on quite low enemis. I am able to withstand duel with hill giants. However, when I experience White knights, I face the problem they do hit me and create sufficient damage (around 5 hp at the same hit). Tried to duel with ice cubes (due to their falls ) - the larger problem, they hit quite severely.

So, if enemy that is equal for me, causes serious difficulties, meeting enemy nearly twice as powerfull, would be tragedy. Elvarg devoured me. This time I will not fail. That's why I need an serious advice. I have some options: 1) leave everything but protection. Train defense to Elvarg level (that is 83). It shouldn't bother me whether my strike would be 5 or 10 - if I'm fine to dragon's attack, it's fine. 2) abandon anything however strenght. In my top hit isn't 11, but, say, 20 - that I will complete evil dragon earlier and save on defense. 3) train all in equivalent levels and attain at least all 70s: att 70, str.70, def 70. The top is all 83, though it might take a little moment. At top?levels (like 80s) I might own cocroaches both due to xp and drop. However, what about low level, such as lousy 50?

Check out www.rsgoldfast.com for more details.

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