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It Down Or Remove It Entirely

30.Nov.20, 07:56; Icon 20; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Why not encourage them in doing both? Since we haven't seen them doing . Back your words up. Sony handled things better than EA by not only having a statement, but heading after All Lives Matter fans in comments, matching donations by a few workers, claiming they'll have more in the upcoming week, and allegedly forming a studio in San Diego headed by POC developers. Can EA have something in the works and they wanted to get the announcement out first? They could've either held the statement until they had something to show, or told us what they're going. At the end of the day if you refuse to acknowledge when a company creates a little step you love then how do they ever learn how to generate a large step you love?

Are you currently treating a business such as how a parent speaks about a child? I genuinely do not know why it's our responsibility to baby companies into getting empathy. Why is it that they need to"know" to do good for humanity, why can't they simply do it? It's just like white people putting the duty on black people to educate them not to be displaced when there's lots of resources out there on how to perform it. With that said, I really do want to say I apologize if any of my comment comes off as hostile or attacking to you. I appreciate that this discussion much even if I think in the end of it we will still disagree. I would say most sensible people fall somewhere between realism and idealism. I hope that I am not making a strawman from your argument when I say you see hardly any value in creating a statement with nothing to back this up. Whereas when a large company makes an official statement I think that carries a reasonable bit of cash even if they don't do anything else.

I don't think EA has any moral imperative to do anything else at all in this situation, at least not publicly. They are not the reason for the issue, it would be simple and appropriate for them to stay quiet or skirt about this political issue, but they did not. They had three options: say nothing, say something, or say something and make a dramatic gesture. Anything over the bare minimum is worth admitting in my eyes. I really don't see it as"babying" them to acknowledge that a company statement that I concur with. I believe we agree about more things than we disagree about. And while we're being antagonistic in these Reddit remarks because that is the prevailing tone of the place, I don't think anything you've mentioned has come across as disrespectful at all and that I hope you feel the same about what I have said.

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