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The point isnt it wasnt boring in the first place

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Nonetheless, it's probably a whole lot more enjoyable since we are utilized to the slow xp rates. It would not feel as fun if it had been constantly OP, because then it wouldn't be OP it'd only be.Exactly, I am at the point where every fucking thing happens so damn long on my damn ironman and it's so unfun. Numerous hours for one agility level is not rewarding. I know that's how the game is, but it is one reason so many men and women are on and off this match so much. Receive a burst of energy to play, play pretty hard and accomplish some goals, then be burnt out and retire yet next time.

I feel like that's a huge draw at precisely the same time tho.

There is no other game that I can be working on an accounts for literal years. Even if I quit for a year or 2 this accounts is there waiting for me to return and pick up where I left off, and I understand there's going to be things to really go for.

Even though this isn't something I want to do, it is nice that there's a game like this on the market to hop into if in the mood.

The point isnt it wasnt boring in the first place, its the only reason that its fun today is becauseit was boring in the first place. The slow content gave meaning and context to the higher pleasure we've had with this one.

Imo, leagues needs osrs to exist, otherwise its considerably less meaningful, and anybody calling for permanent leagues is very short sighted and is kidding themselves if they believe it wouldnt get dull in a few months. And that is coming from someone who doesnt play osrs as much anymore, and has only been attracted back by leagues.

If by permanent leagues you mean leaving this server up forever, then yeah that's not a good idea imo. However should they reset the trailblazer league every 3 weeks until the following league is introduced, I believe that would be fun.Any game that introduces some enjoyable stuff that turns you within a glistening golden god immediately makes the sport look hilarious and much more enjoyable.

Please visit the following URL if needed oldschool.runescape.com

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