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I have a permanently muted accounts on RuneScape

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I have a permanently muted accounts on RuneScape. . .StormStryke4. It's been eternally muted for <a href="www.rsgoldfast.com gold</a> almost a year now. I've been given a second opportunity to appeal my crime about two weeks before, so I gave it a shot, seeing as my first appeal didn't work out. My original offense occurred on September 11, 2008 of all days of the year! And the principle I broke? Rule 1. . .But I didn't intentionally violate this rule. And before that, my accounts had a clean document. . .Absolutely NO crimes!

Here's what I wrote to Jagex within my second appeal: '' I was only trying to be great to the guy I was talking to. I did not mean to upset him. But he apparently believed I had been attempting to meet him in person. However, I was not. Thus, please unmute me. I'd greatly appreciate it and I shall continue to follow the rules. Thank you very much for comprehension. And that I am a very wonderful person and I don't want to frighten anyone on here or upset anyone. I promise not to scare or upset anyone else in the future. In addition, I promise not to insult anyone. Thanks for giving me a second chance. I have been waiting a very long time for this... I had included the aforementioned announcement in the time of my allure. . Any useful advice or advice on this would be greatly valued. Thanks!

I have had a look in the guide and I understand what I'm going to plant: Maple Seeds and Curry Seeds to 57. Maple Seeds and Papaya Seeds into 65. I want to <a href="www.rsgoldfast.com RS gold</a>
know what things to choose a trip and exactly what other seeds I will plant. If the above is not good please tell me what is. I also want to know how much this could cost. Your gonig to get wgs right? Once I did it jsut get 62 and eat a backyard pie, I would do this. Willow curry and trees trees would be the best, plant about 100 of each in containers.

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