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I believe it is super funny that someone asked Nick about

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I believe it is super funny that someone asked Nick about his favourite Jets minute and he mentioned the Butt Fumble lmao. Deadass it is just name recognition at this time lol, just man I would place over Tress"that the GOAT" Way would be Brett Kern. No, that is precisely what the App Store states. Nick reported that on the flow yesterday. So is madden mobile 20 season going to overlap mm21?we still dont have a season end date for MM20,if you do please throw out a shout. It does come out on the 6th, To be completely honest, I have no clue why it states the 4th. However, if it does come out early, then the people who pre registered get a telling it is out early. Frankly, playing the beta, I don't have any hope for this season. I have heard a ton of people say that it is way more fun than MM20. What's wrong with it in your eyes? It is literally just a copy paste of MM20 with a few new visuals.

Normally I wouldn't care because that's what I expect from sports matches but forcing people to a new app without a carry forward you would expect some real changes. Maybe because it is still the start of the season they can not do much but even the intro master show is replicated down to the T providing you 3 silver"star" player updates + pay athlete at the end. Just feels idle and anti-consumer on EA's part. I will still give it a chance like I do every year, just not super optimistic they change considerably.

I meant time locks lol. A few 4 hour clocks in the conclusion of early phases of the opening master series. I presume the time locks will be longer the further you get into MS. Oh, idk. Madden Futures still has 15 months left, so who knows? Somebody upvote hungry did that 1 yesterday. After all of the downvotes that he got, I do not think he is gont take action . It is not correct. A big portion of the Big League community has already downloaded the new game on android so if we show up on day one, people will probably already be at level 10 and 20. I have android and you can't download the game still,you can pre register for MM21 it stated the 4th for download but im pretty sure the 6th... LMAO! My guy said large portion. My guy there is about 100-200 people downloaded MM21! Out of those 300k or more individuals that are gont perform MM21. And we don't know whether they are gonna be reset or not , which means you can not state anything about that however.

Right! N There just playing the Beta version so that they probably will be reset. . .that would knock alot of us off who are opting for top 100 when a"Big portion" were able to download and not reset. Yeah,I noticed that. . .MM21 is likely to begin on the 6th so in question of the seasons are going to overlap since 21 will be on a new program. . .idk . .its been uncertain for everybody what I do know is if 21 is prepared me and the team are ready to be in that top 100! Last year I think that it was just Josh Allen. Throw power needs to be 99. If you create it 99 there is no room for advancement. He is still young. Let him gain a few stats throughout the Madden season lol. I really don't know that his throw electricity will ever really get much better. Even if he gets more powerful (which I really don't see happening because he sometimes talks about what he is working on and throw electricity isn't among them) his throw power is already basically soft capped. He could throw the length of the area and probably already has to be cautious not to break his recipients hands on shorter throws. Josh Allen was 99 last year in his second season and his arm is not quite as good as pats. How the fuck is overall higher than some of the other numbers. . .are there like 10 other dents which are 105 that is missing?

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