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As of now, I'm at level 68 combat, which is a little low

21.Dec.20, 04:27; Icon 18; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

As of now, I'm at level 68 combat, which is a little low to defeat two level 100 dagganoths. I was wondering what the best setup is for me to really go about the final battle. Im planning on using a dlong and also a ddagger (p++) for your own spec. Im going to use the highest potential mage attacks I can, but I need to understand the best installation I can use and make it out of the struggle alive and it has to be cheap, I'm a little tight on money. Thank you Beforehand. Im also planning on bringing sharks as food. Im probably not going to pray far, and im going to be mostly maging. Because if there is, I think I'll probably only do this. (that's what I did for lost city)

I don't feel that there's a safespot (you'll have to double check). I did it about precisely the exact same combat level as possible, mind you I had Protection Prayers. The very first Dagganoth is quite simple, so just melee him. Should you just happen to own Void Armour (out of Pest Control) that will be exceedingly useful. Protection Prayers are also very useful, though it might cost you near 1m to reach 43 Prayer. The fight aganst the next Dagganoth will be very tough, so try to incorporate when you need to switch between Range/Melee/Mage.

So, I decided to try something new and go to the Barrows Brothers, 75% to the enjoyable experience and 25% in hopes of getting a Barrows item. My power and defense are relatively low compared to my strike, will I at least be able to kill a few of the brothers with my stats? ALSO, if you were able to suggest equipment + stock, that would be damn helpful. The money, do your best not to make it a whole lot, but I've a reasonable sum to throw about.

Since you're 74 defence, I recommend a tanking method that consists of melee armor and Slayer's Staff. Inside my stock I usually bring a spade, magical dart runes, dragonhide armor (top and chaps for Ahrim), Monks Robes (optional but might save you a bit of prayer), a whip and dragon dagger, 1 prayer potion (just in case), 1 super energy potion, runes for Teleport into House spell and the remainder with tuna or some other cheap food.

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