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I have just implemented a fix for EVE echoes

11.Jan.21, 06:33; Icon 12; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

Question how are you receiving the market rates? Can it be manually input and updated or are they being upgraded automatically on a specified time. Just curious how true prices are going to be on this.Yes, you can use! It does not, but can't prove it till you find the source code when it is released.Its probably fine. Any group big enough for this to be well worth spying on is going to use their own thing anyway.

As an admin type of discord, providing the bot cautious permissions just in a specific channel will make sure a no-possibility of spying. Unless by spying the response is collecting the orders issued and then corps are issuing which commands etc.Having a few difficulties with looking up particular items. I tried ! I'll be looking at repairing these things tonight!

So, my corp recently begun using this totally amazing tool! Just wanted to point out a potential bug? When using ! Bp cyclone, it generates information for your T7 BC. When incorporating abilities, so! Bp cyclone 4/3/0 it generates information for the Cyclone Guardian, tech 9 ship.Maybe I'm just missing something and doing it wrong, I'd take screenshots if you want me to PM them. Thank you a lot for sharing this!

There are a few bugs at the fuzzy searching. I will be looking at fixing those tonight!No worries, thanks so far! Also the funniest one I ran across was that the Moa with skills lol, it revealed a BP for a rep module. But adoring the tool in any event. In having problems I can find the bot working via pvt chat but it will not work in our general:I must be overlooking something I belive it's permission. (I didnt change anything) I am brand new to this bot stuff lmao!It's likely a permissions issue. You could try linking the discord connected in the bot! Help command and requesting assistance there. There have been several people asking for help with getting their permissions set up and others on the discord have been helping solve their issues.

Thanks! I have just implemented a fix for this on my dev construct, I should be ready to push an upgrade within another hour or two.I added it to my server but nothing happens when im compose the orders that you added in examples.Make certain the bot has permissions to read and send messages to the station you are trying to use the commands from.Yes which was the mistake, now it works.Updated with new orders this morning! Have a look at the Planetary Resources control to discover the closest planets using the greatest planetary resource output or use the jump command to quickly learn how many jumps are between any two methods!Just my suggestion.

Want to learn more about eve echoes at www.fastisk.com

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