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I see it like a waste of bank room instead of conserving space

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I see it like a waste of bank room instead of conserving space. Evaluation of the Army Axe to get higher-leveled players: Pickaxe: equivalent to Steel. Hatchet: ^ Mace: it's a really low-leveled weapon.

Needle: You want tanned hides if you want to craft anything with a needle - due to this, you've got to be at a bank. Additionally, high-leveled players can purchase hides from the GE rather than tanning it themselves because of the time it requires to run to the tanner. When in the GE, why not purchase a needle there? It is nothing like the Army Axe eliminates the need for thread, so you would still need to buy it anyway. After crafting, simply drop the needle - no more lender room wasted.

Tinderbox: you need to use the log on it, if you don't want to right-click. It's easier on your own wrists/fingers to be able to click both ways round, and for that it's well worth buying a tinderbox. Chisel: Maybe this is of any use, but I'd rather have roughly 20 regular chisels in my bank, for simple replacement. You can't get a second Army Axe to get a placeholder into your financial institution.For basic stat wise, I'd get 50+, so it appears that that would only be Runecrafting and Woodcutting? I only took a short look at your signature. For GWD, I'd say such as 85+, because it seems like you've Extremes and some Chaotics, or at least one probably. So operate on 50+, followed by 60+, 70+, etc.. . You will need to get 70+ Agility if you plan on visiting Sara GWD, also I would suggest 90+ Range for Arma. Therefore, if you have some alright armour you need to be fine. In respect to getting higher stats, just do what you believe is necessary, some quests require a certain level in a skill and that pursuit may direct one to some fantastic weapon/armour/new area/etc.

You are really near 99 fishing, and it is going to only be trained faster as you get it higher! So, maybe do some barbarian fishing or dwelling rock caverns to get this cape. Here's a really brief guide to reveal the fastest levels you can buy:

1-15 Basic trees south of the ge, either market to the ge, cut to unstrung bows and sell to general shop, or burn the logs. Receive the best hatchet you can as soon as you can use it. Sell them to the ge, cut to unstrung bows and market to the general shop, or burn the logs. Get an adamant hatchet and put a rune one along with a dragon hatchet to the bank for afterwards. 31-68 Cut willows in Barbarian assult. Burn them, or drop to get around 20k longer wc exp a hourbut shed an enormous quantity of fm exp. 68+ Cut ivy in any place you want to, and wear a rabbits foot necklace. Be wary of bird nests.

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