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What do you really need this time?

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What do you really need this time? My sword. It's an object of great power, and it could be used to kill several Zamorakians. I believe that it was wrongly put in the hidden chamber. I will go get it. Now you must return to the crypt to King Alirin's throne room. If you try and enter from the doorway south-west of the bandit's camp, then you'll find it is sealed off by a rockslide. Alternatively, you must go to the secret entrance by Eblis and the mirrors.

Along the hills, there is a cave entrance. Now search the flooring of the room until you find a trapdoor. Open it, and then walked down the ladder. You will come to a circular room with five tombs along the side. Immedietly once you enter that chamber, a mummy (level 98), will come from every one of the tombs. You have to defeat all of them, and then search there tombs that they came from. On any random one out of the five, you will encounter a secret doorway.

Enter the door, and you will visit a little, square chamber full of golden ornaments and bracelets on the walls, and gold vases together with symbols of Zaros on them (you cannot take these). There are several saphire respond points (they only respond every minute,) and at the center there'll be a stone cage. You'll need to'Attack' the rock crate (requires 70 strength and a wepon using crush.) The crate has 250 HP, and 99 defence, but cannot strike back. When it's completely destroyed, however, it is going to collapse and deal 36-40 damage on you. There'll be a brief cutscene where the Sword of Azzanadra will appear, glowing on the floor. You may automaticaly pick it up. Exit the crypt, and mind back into Azzanadra's throne room in the volcano. Azzanadra will be there. Talk with him.
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