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It is possible to think that airrunes would be relatively inexpensive

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It is possible to think that airrunes would be relatively inexpensive because (1) runecrafters have the ability to make the largest number of runes (increasing number of runes),(2) air running is extremely well-known (again increasing quantity of runes), and (3) air staffs are less expensive than earth, water or fire staffs (decreasing quantity of demand for air runes). However, air runes (22 grams) are higher priced than fire/mind/body runes.

Why are the water runes (37 Gp) and earth runes (39 gp) comparatively so much higher priced than fire/mind runes? Just curious. Some reasons: Water runes may be used for blitz/barrage. This is a common practice in P2P. These are very rare drops from monsters and not a common craft.

Numerous monsters drop large quantities of fire runes. Mind runes are not very useful. Air runes are those runes that are found in standard spellbook spells the most often. Since they're almost useless and are extremely affordable. Earth runes are employed for the Vengeance spell 10 at a time, and this spell is all over p2p pking.

I've not played in over one year. But I do remember that collecting big bones is the most efficient method of making money from combat in F2P. It gives you approximately 30k per hour. There aren't any NPCs at high level that you can kill which will give you rewards such as drops. Lesser demons would give maybe 10-15k per hour. F2P players will require about 3 hours in order to earn 100k from combat drop.

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