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The trash mobs that appear just before

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TBC Classic is my first game. I am a brand new player and I want to know the directions to Outland's zones, raids and dungeons. They can be played in the same order as they appear on maps. But I prefer playing them chronologically, lore-wise. I have completed all the quests within Hellfire Peninsula, the two dungeons in Hellfire Citadel, and all the quests in Zangarmarsh in the Serpent Lake dungeons. There are now quests across multiple zones, and I'm feeling a little confused.

It's too easy to look at it through a retail lens. There isn't a "chronological or overarching narrative" to the quests for expansions. The majority of things are located within their own zones. There was not a lot of elaborate story telling back when. In 68, you have the option to pick between Shadowmoon and Netherstorm. But neither does anything to include the other. There's no definitive story line. For raids, you'll prefer to go to Kara > Gruul's Magtheridon> Tempest Keep/Sepernt Shrines (again it's not in an orderly sequence), Hyjal Black Temple, Sunwell. ZA is fun and it exists. But, as with all Trolls, it's not "in" anywhere.

TBC was initially designed to enhance the Classic game. The use of a TBC server will allow you to access to the majority of Classic content, even though it's no longer in use. The servers are now considered distinct games that benefit players who like the classic version of the game.

Wow, classic is gone. I would recommend TBC to anyone looking for vanilla. Are you a new player? If yes, I recommend that you look into the retail option instead. It's more refined and has many enhancements to your quality of life.

The trash mobs that appear just before the boss get an ability that boosts their damage by 10 percent. Then you tank them until a spell from a mage steals 8-10 stacks. When the mage is at max stacks Kill the boss and keep the mage within the blue beam for the whole phase. Provide him with all the mana tides, innervates and healing that you can, while taking care to heal the mage. The numbers of frost and fire are easily reached with Arcan at around 5k.

My friend, who is a healer and tank and I manage heroics. We're carrying the dps for all the time that the boss is hit (level from 68 to the 73 boss). It is possible to encounter problems in dungeons however, it's not an issue with heroics.

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