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The grave situation makes absolutely the most sense to me

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The grave situation makes absolutely the most sense to me. for those who aren't aware this, it's the argument that gravestones won't be blessed as people will steal your loot. I'm not sure what's wrong with that, despite the fact that it was pre-2007 exactly the same however there was no 6-minute grace period for picking up your items.

One argument that has been put forward is that the arrival of new bosses does not necessarily mean graves. Really? Tormented Demons is a new boss, came out in the year 2008. As far as I know, even though my friend and I have a mutual blessing (he blesses me, but he has yet died) I'm able to make the trip back in 3 minutes. This means that no matter the state of your grave, you can still come back.

The Corpreal Beast on contrary, was specifically designed to avoid using the mechanics of a cemetery. I'm certain Jagex saw it and was ashamed at the care bear bosses that designed gravestones to minimize any risk. If you don't have enough time to get to your stuff in 2 minutes, why would you want to?

Finally Nex. I'm yet to fight her. It is possible to claim that Nex could have included these mechanics because most people believe that Jagex was working on the update for a long period of time. Although a blessing may be able to bring you back to the grave, it is my belief that this would be a an integral part of the Nex's design.

All other bosses were created to be played without gravestones. A grave with bless allows you to reclaim things from Bandos KBD Chaos Ele, Mole, Mole, Zammy, and Chaos Ele. DKs, Arma, and Sara are available in a grave with blessing.

Also, graves greatly minimize the risk of RS. We know that someone will not bless your grave so that they have the chance to spit on your fury, that is sort of the purpose. It's not that they are a penis. This is how the RS Death Penalty works. Graves have distorted this.
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