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Before the game is completely over

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The Celtics beat the Cavaliers 96-83 in today's game, and the series is currently leading the Cavaliers 3-2. After the game, Celtic coach Brad Stevens praised Jason Tatum for his performance.

"I think he played really well today," Stevens said. "These guys are eager to want a game. After we were beaten, everyone wanted to start the game immediately. Jason was in the fourth game. After that, it was particularly anxious."

Tatum is the chief scorer of the Celtics in the playoffs, but in the first two games away, Tatum was caught in a struggle.

When asked about the differences in physical confrontation between the regular season and the playoffs, Tatum said: "It's like the difference between day and night."

"The opponent will definitely play physical confrontation, especially when confronting me as a young man. It will happen more easily. The opponents are stronger and taller than me, so they are only trying to fight more physically." Tate Mum said.

Within the team, one of Tatum’s biggest supporters was Al Horford.

“Seeing Jason to take on the challenge, it's really encouraging to play outstanding offensive and defensive,” said Hofder. “Most of the time he was calm and calm, and I was very happy to see him playing a game. Such a great game www.onlinegameshop.com ."

If Tatum is more aggressive today than usual, it is because of his conversation with the coach.

"I knew I was going to be more aggressive in the first quarter," said Tatum. "The coach said he believes I will play the right round."

"The end of the series is very difficult," said Tatum. "You must do your best before the game is over."

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