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The longer term Development Trend Of Curtain Walls

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It is necessary to analyze and study your complex heat transfer method and heat transfer mode inside design of curtain outlet thermal engineering. The heat transfer process of the curtain wall can be roughly 3 ways: the heat transfer in between the outer surface with the curtain wall and the ambient air along with the external environment: the convective heat move between the outer surface and also the ambient air, the radiant heat move between the outer surface as well as external environment, the external surface as well as space of various longer wavelength (such as electromagnetic wave, infrared ray, etc. ) Radiation heat transfer Curtain Walls

High temperature transfer between inner exterior of curtain wall along with indoor air and interior environment: convective heat exchange between inner surface in addition to indoor air, radiant warmth transfer between inner floor and indoor environment; Temperature transfer of curtain outlet and metal frame: by means of heat transfer of single-layer tumbler, heat transfer through material frame, reducing radiant heat transfer with the coating layer of magnifying glaas. The heat transfer coefficient belonging to the curtain wall is determined by the shape of the building as well as climatic conditions of the area, the heat transfer coefficient of the profile and the heat transfer coefficient belonging to the glass. Curtain Walls www.ahwhglass.com

Curtain wall is an innovative building material which continues to be developed in our country before 20 years, with different technology, materials and structure as a whole, and millions of rectangle meters of curtain wall are put into use every year in our country, and continue to nurture at 10% speed. Consequently, the building energy-saving style and design of curtain wall is vital. The structural form belonging to the broken-hot curtain wall is the most effective way to save vigor of curtain wall setting up. Curtain Walls

From the particular surface, after five numerous development, building insulation industry in terms of scale, talent, technology, as well as reduce energy consumption position, have made great advancement, has achieved gratifying benefits, but from a professional perspective, we will find that there are plenty of serious problems. Curtain Surfaces

In recent years, many new buildings have done a great deal of building thermal insulation, but mostly the choices meet the requirements in the national mandatory policy, the general performance of the insulation product is often not guaranteed, a handful of buildings in order to reduce costs, and not the best use of environmental safeguard and energy-saving, fire, waterproof and system A number of building insulation has approximately hidden dangers. From the macroscopic view, we can find out the prevailing problems of building warmth. Curtain Walls.

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