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That is OSRS players we're talking

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We loved that game and it hurt to see it occur.You appear to be wholly unaware about gamers in general, this is not a runescape thing.I genuinely believe these PSAs do more harm than good, nobody who was going to do this won't change their minds due to a wall of text, however trolls who genuinely like this stuff who haven't thought of this thought will pile up on the hatred and bombing it with bad reviews.

I said the same thing. Perhaps OP is a master troll who's hoping to get people from this sub to go there and leave negative reviews, however, who knows. Otherwise he did not think this one through.You are both overthinking it. Only a few will do what you mentioned. Majority who would have thought to perform a immature thing like this would do it out of impulse and would not think about consequences (that is OSRS players we're talking about) so that this does more good than harm.As they are right and their favourite game is the best game and everyone who likes items that they dont enjoy.Actually to perform the the devils advocate, I think it falls along the lines which they feel entitled to despise the game.

Taking into consideration the game they grew up playing on their childhood to maturity was transformed into something many people wanted no part of. Their entire childhood put into something many now consider meaningless. RS3 is damaging the game in the long run.The entire thought of it was flawed from start as it is a contradiction to what runescape is about. Like reverse uno.However, some matches have it even worse. I know it stinks to confess but osrs has a whole lot more toxicity than many games. It's not like it is everybody but it is a not insignificant portion of the community. LoL has the same issue.

Ok I'm very much from this loop with this stuff. I've read the comments on this particular article and the post within r/Runsescape, and it sounds almost like there is a feud between OSRS players and RS3 gamers? Why? And what's prompting people to leave reviews like this? Is that seriously a possibility because of this situation?It is less of a feud between OSRS and RS3 players, its more like OSRS is on a crusade to despise RS3.

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