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These questions are for anybody who has completed Summer's End

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These questions are for anybody who has completed Summer's End. I began the quest yesterday, and have gotten to the point of managing this Spirit Beast. Despite following guides and having great food and potions, I discover that somehow, I always end up screwing up once I'm attempting to have the 3 pyres from the cave lit, and have expired repeatedly. . .is it supposed to take an obscene amount of trips to find this quest done?

I've been doing my very best to see the beast and listen to the sounds which correspond with his attack, but always seem to run into trouble. I'm beginning to get frustrated and'm wondering exactly how much trouble this exploration caused you all , or if neglecting this much at it is typical or I want to work on hitpoints (I am at 76 hp right now). . .how often would you say you died doing this quest? I know guides say that it's typical to die even at a high level, but how often did you actually die? Can it be better for me to operate on hitpoints a little more and try again? For that matter, the number of hitpoints did you have when you did the pursuit?

Any other information would be greatly appreciated also. That quest was awful really bad... when I was doing fine there were crying cats about to distract me and make me fail or was simply too nervous cause of the beast. It took me over 400 monkfish to perform it. I hope you didn't light among the pyre yet... I had that problem it really made things poor. Light all when they're prepared!

The sole advice I can give is ooglog (or whatever that's called) unlimited energy pool. And trying, trying stressful. I did it on another account after mine... Saves an hournever died and like 40 swordies and a few pray pots doses utilized. After you *get itit's really a piece of cake... before that fantastic fortune and have good nerves. I dropped my Id string unfortuantly. Anyways, I filed a recuperate account charm and got my account back. The hacker had broken many rules in my account so I went from 0-5.5 blackmarks and a seven day mute (I've never gotten any blackmarks earlier ) Anyways, because the crimes were not mine, I appealed them and selected the choice saying other person committed offense rather than me (not exact wording but it is close) So my accounts was thus locked. Then I submitted an unlock accounts request so that I could play with my accounts as soon as they end looking into the crimes.

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