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This is a Frequent complaint about RuneScape

10.Oct.20, 12:31; Icon 17; Date 0; Attitude +0 | 0 | -0

All you need to do is click on the mouse or move the camera once every 5 minutes, even although I recommend you to not try AFKing with this, as that will be against the rules. If you're puzzled at why the dummies don't"die" it's because they return to full health after each assault, though you don't see it. Here is a short video image of my own character training here. Even very large lvl'd players are convinced that slayer dart is your very best means to do barrows. Therefore you can do 342147219 chests a excursion. Great for you, but melee is best for me personally. I get more profit by wasting money on 100+ slayer dart casts and I can do more chests per trip.

Most people who do barrows are reduced lvl then that, obviously with worse analytics and do it for money. I have done barrows a lot within the previous 9 months of playing. I've fine melee stats and fine mage stats. I prefer melee. I take 3 p pots and 1 super collection. I can do 3-5 chests based on the way the brothers struck. Together with slayer dart I will only do about two maybe 3 if I'm blessed. I have tested this with my own char. Might not be true for many others.

Now the other thing is, why is it believed that veracs is your only"worthwhile" melee method? I have done barrows using a bgs and a whip+shield. They both work a lot better when I tried it with veracs. I barely got through one excursion with all the slow attack speed and low strikes.

This is a Frequent complaint about RuneScape.

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